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Our standard billing structure is comprised of 2 identical 6 month billing periods.  New Base charges and rate charges go into effect for all usage and billing after July 1, 2021.  Additionally, each bill calculates any water consumed over the previous 6 months and classifies this as Usage.  Usage is billed at $3.15 per thousand gallons for 1-15,000 gallons; $5.81 per thousand gallons for 16-40,000 gallons; $7.35 per thousand gallons for 41-100,000 gallons:  $8.50 per thousand gallons for 101-150,000 gallons;  and $9.75 per thousand gallons for all usage over 150,000 gallons.

We accept cash, check, money orders, bank checks, etc.  Mastercard and debit cards are also accepted.  VISA is NOT accepted at this time.  Please note there is an additional 2.95 % added fee for credit card charges. This fee goes directly to the company that processes our credit card transactions.  There is a .50 added fee for all online e-check payments.

Online bill pay

Please click on the following link to reach our online payments site:

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